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Debt Discouragement

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Business & Finance

Or say "Alexa, enable Debt Discouragement"

Debt Discouragement gives you advice on how to approach your financial life so you can avoid debt and interest!

Debt Discouragement is a Skill that allows you to get some financial tips from Alexa regarding debt and personal finance. Did a salesman tell you to finance a phone, lease a car, or buy whole life insurance? See an advertisement for a credit card or a payday loan that sounds like a great deal? Thinking about taking out student loans for four years at Harvard? Just ask Alexa whether you should take the plunge! Debt is dangerous, and with Debt Discouragement, Alexa will tell you why!

Invocation Name

debt discouragement

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Debt Discouragement if I should get a student loan to go to school.
Should I lease a car?
Are credit cards a good value?

Release Date

November 2nd 2016