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Or say "Alexa, enable Day Carrier"

Day Carrier is a voice-first child care solution focused keeping account of those critical daily actions in a growing child's life.

Day Carrier offers hands-free documenting of a child's daily activities like diapers, naps, bottles, and meals; instantaneously available to parents and caregivers.<br /><br />Whether ensuring a newborn is drinking enough in those important first months, helping an infant transition to solid foods, or potty training your toddler, Day Carrier covers the spectrum of children&rsquo;s daily activities through those crucial first years of life.<br /><br />Day carrier supports 15 activities in total. <br /><br />This skill requires a Day Carrier account ( that is linked to the skill. Once the skill has been linked, you may add one or more children to the account by saying &quot;Alexa, ask Day Carrier to add &lt;CHILD&gt; to my account&quot;.

Invocation Name

day carrier

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Day Carrier that Genevieve had a wet diaper
Alexa, ask Day Carrier when Riley last went pee
Alexa, tell Day Carrier that Genevieve drank 3 ounces of milk at 10am

Release Date

February 14th 2017