Date Night - Alexa Skill

Date Night

Josh Campbell

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Or say "Alexa, enable Date Night"

An Alexa Skill for getting random, crowdsourced suggestions on activities or restaurants in your city.

This skill gives you a random, crowdsourced suggestion for an idea for a local activity or restaurant that can be used for a date with your significant other. You can ask for dinner or brunch spots, or even indoor and free activities, and Alexa will give you a random suggestion complete with address and other additional information you might need to know. Additional cities, restaurants, and activities, or modifications to existing ones, can be added by contributing to the open source project located at This skill may not be suitable for all ages.

Invocation Name

date night

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Date Night to give us a brunch suggestion in Chicago
suggest a free activity in Chicago
where should we go for dinner in Chicago

Release Date

June 25th 2016