Dark Cave - Alexa Skill

Dark Cave

Josep Valls-Vargas


Or say "Alexa, enable Dark Cave"

Explore a Dark Cave with the help of Alexa. Try to kill the monsters and escape alive with the gold. Exercise your memory by playing paperless!

Venture into a Dark Cave home of a horrible monster. Disclaimer: This skill features textual depictions of fantasy violence which may not be suitable to all ages. You are a treasure hunter entering a dark cave where a a horrible monster lurks. You have to kill the monster, recover the treasure and escape the cave. Once you enter the cave you can turn around, move forward or shoot forward. You cannot see but you can feel the cave walls around you, a breeze coming from dangerous pits, the noise of some objects under your feet and the stench from a nearby monster. When you smell it and you are sure it's in front of you, shoot your arrow. Be warned, you only have one arrow and you will have to pick it up if you want to shoot it again. Use your deduction and spatial reasoning to avoid the pits, locate the monster, kill it and escape the cave with the treasure. Exercise your memory by playing paperless! This is a variation of the classic game Hunt the Wumpus (1972) popularized as an example in the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. It differs from another version in the skills store in terms of how you move around the cave. Here you play in a smaller cave but you need to keep track of what direction you are facing. The first time you open the skill, you will be presented with a tutorial, in the tutorial you play on a 3x3 cave. Refer to the following diagram: OOM OXO AXG You start in the lower left corner facing north (A). W is the monster and G is the treasure. After you collect the treasure head back to the entrance of the cave (A where you started). After you complete the tutorial, you will play in a cave of 4x4 with randomly positioned elements (2 pits, 1 monster, 1 treasure). Bigger caves with more hazards, arrows and treasure will become available later.

Invocation Name

dark cave

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Dark Cave
Alexa, start Dark Cave
Alexa, ask Dark Cave to start a new game

Release Date

October 31st 2016