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Daily Telegrams

Lorenz Hofmann-Wellenhof

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Or say "Alexa, enable Daily Telegrams"

Send and receive messages with the Telegram Messenger.

Daily Telegrams enables you to hear and send messages via Telegram Messenger (https://telegram.org/).<br/><br/>How it works:<br/>- Authorize yourself (see below).<br/>- Send or listen to messages.<br/>- Daily Telegrams is connected to your Telegram account. Thus, if you send a message the receiver will see the phone number you use for authorization.<br/><br/>Before you can start, you need to authorize yourself:<br/>- Say your international telephone number (e.g., +1 999 999).<br/>- You receive a code in your Telegram Messenger. Say this code loud and clear to Alexa.<br/><br/>After you are authorized you can execute following commands:<br/>First:<br/>- Alexa, launch Daily Telegrams.<br/>Then:<br/>- Check my telegrams.<br/>- Send a telegram to Tom.<br/>Or:<br/>- Alexa, ask Daily Telegrams to check my telegrams.<br/>- Alexa, ask Daily Telegrams to send a telegram.<br/><br/>If you send a message use the first name of your contact. For example, if you have a contact called &quot;John Smith&quot;, use &quot;John&quot;.

Invocation Name

daily telegrams

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Daily Telegrams.
Alexa, ask Daily Telegrams to check my telegrams.
Alexa, ask Daily Telegrams to send a telegram.

Release Date

January 3rd 2018