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Daily Log

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Or say "Alexa, enable Daily Log"

Daily Log is a full-featured dictation assistant that allows you to dictate one sentence at a time, and saves all of those sentences in a single log entry.

Complete with robust reading features, Daily Log is must-have skill for anyone wanting to create notes, journal entries, Captain's logs, or just quickly capture their ideas. And coming soon, this skill will include a link on the Alexa-card where the log files themselves can be downloaded or mass-deleted. Enable Daily Log, and say, "Alexa, ask Daily Log for Help," and instructions are provided verbally as well as all commands sent to your Alexa App Home Page.

Invocation Name

daily log

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Daily Log
Alexa, ask Daily Log to read entries for yesterday
Alexa, launch Daily Log

Release Date

October 21st 2017