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Daily Bootcamping Thought

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Or say "Alexa, enable Daily Bootcamping Thought"

Get a thought to improve your bootcamp experience.

The Daily Bootcamping Thought skill has been crafted by Mark Carpetner to deliver a clear and concise statement that will reinforce the concepts you are learning and practicing in your bootcamp. The first step is enabling the skill. Then, this skill works by allowing you to ask Alexa for a thought and Alexa will provide you with a short but powerful idea that you can take with you throughout the day. When you need a reminder, as you go through your day, you can go the Alexa companion app to see the thought that you received that day. New thoughts will be added frequently. Sign up for our weekly newsletter with more tips and insights at http://my.curated.co/bootcamping

Invocation Name

daily bootcamping

Interaction Examples

"Alexa, open Daily Bootcamping"
"Alexa, ask Daily Bootcamping for today's thought"
"Alexa, start Daily Bootcamping"

Release Date

March 17th 2016