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Daily Activity Tracker


Or say "Alexa, enable Daily Activity Tracker"

Activity Tracker helps users track daily activities like exercise, walk, read, bike, gardening, yoga, meditate, etc

Activity Tracker help users to track daily activities/tasks. <br/><br/>This Skill will ask for timezone first time user uses this skill. Timezone is used to accurately mark task completed for that date.<br/><br/>User can perform following actions<br/>1. Register task exercise - Registers exercise task for tracking daily<br/>2. Mark task exercise - Marks exercise task as completed for today<br/>3. Unmark task exercise - Marks exercise task as incomplete for today<br/>4. Remove task exercise - Deregisters exercise task from tracking<br/>5. List Tasks - List all tasks registered<br/>6. Daily Summary - Provide daily summary of all registered tasks<br/>7. Monthly Report - Provide monthly report of all registered tasks

Invocation Name

activity tracker

Interaction Examples

Alexa Open Activity Tracker
Alexa Ask Activity Tracker to Mark task bike
Alexa Ask Activity Tracker for Daily Summary

Release Date

July 26th 2017