Dad-Bot - Alexa Skill


Drew Firment

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Are you stressed about an exam? About to make a big decision? Or simply need words of encouragement? Just say "Alexa, open Dad-Bot" for some fatherly advice.

Whether you are away at college, at camp, or just need some fatherly advice ... launch Dad-Bot to access a vast collection of advice. "Dad Says: Listen often. Talk less." The Dad-Bot skill is inspired by my daughter who is heading back to college. I wanted to make sure that fatherly advice was never too far away when she needs a few words of wisdom. This special collection of advice is curated from personal experience, with lots of input from some awesome friends and family. Much of the fatherly advice has been passed down from generations. "Dad Says: I will always love you. No matter what."

Invocation Name

dad bot

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Dad Bot
Alexa, open Dad Bot
Alexa, run Dad Bot

Release Date

June 21st 2016