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DMV Bikeshare



Or say "Alexa, enable DMV Bikeshare"

DC, MD, and VA BikeShare station status

v1.0<br/><br/>This skill allows the user to check the status of a specific bikeshare station. It will provide the number of bikes available to check out as well as the number of open docks to check a bike in.<br/><br/>Bike share station number is found via map:<br/><br/>This skill is not sponsored or endorsed by Motivate International, Inc.

Invocation Name

my local bikeshare

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask my local bikeshare how many bikes are at station 31,000
Alexa, ask my local bikeshare how full is station 31,005
Alexa, ask my local bikeshare what is the status of station 31,100

Release Date

April 1st 2017