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DM Toolkit

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Or say "Alexa, enable DM Toolkit"

A Dungeon Master's assistant providing names, weather, moon phase, dice rolls, and other information for Role Playing Games.

The DM Toolkit provides Dungeon Masters or Game Masters with a variety of randomly generated information to help their Role Playing Game of choice.<br/><br/>Weather conditions, moon phases, time of day, locations, tavern names, ship names, names for a variety of humanoid creatures such as orc, gnome, dwarf, elf, Halfling, and more -- even scene descriptions with evocative details to inspire the imagination. Dice rolling of any number is also supported, as are positive or negative modifiers.<br/><br/>Tell Alexa to &quot;ask DM Toolkit: How can you help&quot; for a full list of functions.

Invocation Name

d. m. toolkit

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask d. m. toolkit to set the scene.
Alexa, ask d. m. toolkit for a tavern name.
Alexa, ask d. m. toolkit to roll 2d12 plus 4.

Release Date

April 2nd 2017