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CyberQ Cloud

BBQ Guru

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Or say "Alexa, enable CyberQ Cloud"

If you own a CyberQ Cloud device by BBQ Guru, you can now use Alexa to interact with it using this skill.

The CyberQ Cloud skill is designed to allow owners of the CyberQ Cloud device, made by BBQ Guru, to monitor and control their temperature control device by using Alexa voice commands. You can check your current temperatures, set new target temperatures, set your timer, and even give names to your different food probes. This gives you the freedom to check on your BBQ simply with the sound of your voice.<br/><br/>Your CyberQ Cloud must previously be registered on before linking this skill.

Invocation Name

cyber q. cloud

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch cyber q cloud
What is my food 1 temperature
Set food 1 target temperature to 250

Release Date

June 26th 2017