CurrencyNinja - Alexa Skill



Or say "Alexa, enable CurrencyNinja"

Returns actual exchange rates for all currencies, allows you to save favourites to the list and read them.

Welcome to the Currency Ninja! It contains 157 currencies and actual exchange rates for them. <br/>You can:<br/>Ask for any currency from any currency by saying like: What is euro in dollars today? <br/>Or say just: What is euro? By default it will return euro in US dollars. You can change default by saying like: Set default currency to Euro.<br/>You can also say: read my favourites, it will read actual exchange rates for your favourites. <br/>To manage favourites you can say like: <br/>- add to favourites Euro in Dollars<br/>- remove from favourites Euro in Dollars<br/>- reset my favourites

Invocation Name

currency ninja

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Currency Ninja what is Fijian Dollar in Euro today
Alexa, ask Currency Ninja what is Russian ruble
Alexa, ask Currency Ninja to read my favourites

Release Date

September 18th 2017