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Or say "Alexa, enable Cubical - Smart Home"

"Cubical - Smart Home" skill makes it easy to power your home with your voice. With this skill, you can control home devices and activate scenes hands free.

Cubical Smart Home offers enhanced voice controlled SMART HOME EXPERIENCE with Alexa. With the &quot;Cubical - Smart Home&quot; skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your Cubical devices by voice. Control your home lighting, colors, moods, and much more hands free using Echo devices.<br/><br/>Use this skill to discover and interact with your household appliances being managed by Cubical Laboratories.<br/>You must be a registered Cubical customer with your home appliances configured with proprietary Cubical devices to be able to experience this skill.<br/><br/>The discovered devices will have the same name as in your &quot;Cubical&quot; Android/iOS App. You can also customize the device names by creating &quot;Groups&quot; in the Alexa App.<br/><br/>Once you know the name or group name for your devices, you can say the following:<br/>Alexa, turn on fan<br/>Alexa, turn off lights<br/>Alexa, turn on Kitchen<br/>Alexa, set the fan to 30%<br/>Alexa, set my lights to 50%<br/>Alexa, turn on Bedtime scene<br/>Alexa, turn on Party scene<br/>Alexa, set room to 23 degrees<br/><br/>Please follow the guide described below to make the things work:<br/>1. Tap on &quot;Enable&quot; and you will be redirected to the Cubical login page.<br/>2. Enter your Cubical User Id and password and click login.<br/>3. After successful login, you can see the list of available rooms in your home on the next page. Select a default room for the Echo device (This is the same room in which your Echo device is placed).<br/>4. Tap on &quot;Submit&quot; to complete the sign in process. Close the tab after successful login.<br/>5. On the next screen, you can discover the devices configured on your Cubical Master in your Alexa App or just say Alexa, discover devices.<br/>6. Now you're all set and can control your household appliances using Alexa.<br/><br/>Your Cubical Master is smart enough to understand which devices to dim, change color, assign temperature, etc. So if you try to dim a non dimmable appliance there will be no damage to your appliance.<br/><br/>You can change the default room preference later by re-enabling the skill.<br/><br/>If you face any problem with the skill, please contact us at

Invocation Name


Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on fan
Alexa, set the fan to 30%
Alexa, turn on Bedtime scene

Release Date

September 30th 2017