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Cubic - AI butler for smart home that understands natural language, and has short-term memory. Talk to Cubic naturally, don't learn robot!

Cubic can process complex natural language requests, and make control experience convenient and really natural.<br />Speak naturally, don&rsquo;t learn robot!<br />- You don&rsquo;t have to remember exact commands and phrases.<br />- Every new request will be processed in the context of previous ones.<br />- Cubic can ask clarifying questions, if not sure what you mean.<br /><br />Lights<br />Climate<br /><br />The Cubic smart home skill is a great hands-free addition to the Cubic Butler app.<br /><br />Cubic Butler is a single mobile app to control the whole smart home via voice, dashboard, and automation.<br /><br />Available for Android. iOS version, more devices and features are is coming soon.<br /><br />To get started download the Cubic Butler of Smart Home app on Google Play<br /><br />For help and more details visit

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Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Cubic - hello
what can you do?
What is your name

Release Date

February 14th 2017