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Or say "Alexa, enable Cube Scrambler"

A program that generates a random scramble for the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube, speaking it and displaying it on a card in the Alexa app.

Have you ever been in a room, waiting for someone to blurt out random bits of notation in order for you to mix up your Rubik's cube properly, only to find out that nobody is there? Fear not, undoubtedly sociable person, as this skill is for you! Cube Scrambler will generate a random 25 move scramble for you to redeem at any time by enacting said movements upon your beloved 3x3x3 puzzle. You can have Alexa stop at any time by saying &quot;Alexa, stop,&quot; or any of its equivalents.<br /><br />~~~<br />Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact me at with any of the above, and I will try to respond promptly. You can also achieve the same end by reviewing (hint, hint). I plan on developing this skill more, so hit me with any suggestions!<br />Logo modified under CC0, the original can be found here:

Invocation Name

cube scrambler

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Cube Scrambler to tell me a rubik's cube scramble
Alexa, ask Cube Scrambler for a scramble
Alexa, ask Cube Scrambler to generate a random cube scramble

Release Date

January 29th 2017