Crysler-Search - Alexa Skill


Matt Crysler

Or say "Alexa, enable Crysler-Search"

This skill can be used to search my site for parts!

This skill is designed to assist in a basic search of our website to see if we have the electronic components that match what you need! <br/><br/>No special hardware is needed as the skill takes advantage of our pre-existing search technology which is currently utilized directly on the site. Perform simple search queries such as &quot;Alexa, ask crysler search if they have any capacitors?&quot; or &quot;Alexa, ask crysler search to find resistors&quot; and you will receive a response such as &quot;I found 507 results that matched your search term resistors!&quot;.<br/><br/>This skill was designed as a proof-of-concept effort to further enhance the capabilities of our website. Future iterations of skill sets are slated to include checking the status of an order, retrieving your order history and hopefully one day, placing complete orders.

Invocation Name

crysler search

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask crysler search to find capacitors
Alexa, ask crysler search if they have any resistors
Alexa, ask crysler search for BAV99

Release Date

August 10th 2017