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Or say "Alexa, enable Crypto Price"

This skill provides currency rates for over 100 cryptocurrencies.

Returns the price of over 100 cryptocurrencies to any world currency. After enabling your country location permission to the application, the price is returned in your home currency! <br/><br/>Some interactions may be as follows.<br/>--------------------------------------------------<br/>User: Alexa, tell me the price of Bitcoin from Crypto Price.<br/>Alexa: The current price of Bitcoin is 1,487.91 US dollars.<br/>--------------------------------------------------<br/>User: Alexa, open Crypto Price and tell me the price of Ethereum in pounds.<br/>Alexa: The current price of Ethereum is 53.72 pounds.<br/>--------------------------------------------------<br/>User: Alexa, load Crypto Price.<br/>Alexa: Welcome to Crypto Price. Please ask a question like: What is the price of Bitcoin?<br/>User: Give me the price of Monero in Canadian dollars.<br/>Alexa: The current price of Monero is 40.26 Canadian dollars.<br/>--------------------------------------------------<br/>User: Alexa, get help from Crypto Price.<br/>Alexa: Crypto Price returns the price of the leading cryptocurrencies in any country's currency. You can ask questions like...<br/>--------------------------------------------------

Invocation Name

crypto price

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Crypto Price.
Alexa, what is the price of Litecoin in pounds from Crypto Price?
Alexa, get help from Crypto Price.

Release Date

May 19th 2017