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Cruisin' KCFI

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Or say "Alexa, enable Cruisin' KCFI"

Listen live to Crusin' KCFI - 1250 and 105.1 - Iowa's #1 Oldies Station

The Crusin' KCFI skill gives Alexa the ability to listen live to KFCI anywhere in the world. KCFI is your source for the best music from the 50&rsquo;s, 60&rsquo;s &amp; 70&rsquo;s. While other stations say they are playing the greatest hits, only KCFI plays the real oldies you grew-up listening and loving. In fact, we aren&rsquo;t ashamed to call our music Oldies. It&rsquo;s simply great music for all ages.<br/>For more information on KCFI, visit and<br/><br/>visit our website at To see our other stations visit

Invocation Name

crusin' k. c. f. i.

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open crusin' KCFI
Alexa, ask crusin' KCFI to listen live
Alexa, ask crusin' KCFI to stop

Release Date

July 22nd 2017