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Crowdsource a Compliment!


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Or say "Alexa, enable Crowdsource a Compliment!"

Ask Alexa to compliment you or your friend with Tweets from Twitter

This skill compliments you by crowdsourcing material from Twitter. The results could be as simple as "You are nice!" or something funny and unexpected like "Bob is fantastic and I will fight anyone who disagrees!" For a compliment starting with "You are...": Say "Alexa ask Crowdsource a Compliment" For a compliment for a friend whose name is "Bob": Say "Alexa ask Crowdsouce a Compliment about Bob" How it works: The app randomly picks a word from a list of positive adjectives and searches Twitter for tweets that contain that word. It then replaces all the text before that word with "You are" or "{Name} is" to get a random and (sometimes) surprising compliment from Alexa!

Invocation Name

crowdsource a compliment

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Crowdsource a Compliment
Alexa ask Crowdsource a Compliment about Bob
Alexa ask Crowdsource a Compliment for something nice about Charlie

Release Date

January 12th 2017