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Crestron Home Automation for SmartHome

Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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Or say "Alexa, enable Crestron Home Automation for SmartHome"

Use Alexa to control your Crestron Home Automation system.

An Alexa enabled Crestron Home Automation system allows you to do more than just control lights and thermostats. It allows you to talk to your house. Use the full range of Amazon SmartHome commands to control your Crestron system. Some example requests: "Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights" "Alexa, raise the living room lights by fifty percent" "Alexa, set the basement thermostat to 70 degrees" For more help with controlling your Crestron system with Alexa, go to Talk to your integrator to enable your Crestron 3-Series processor for Alexa control.

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November 24th 2016