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Creekview Directory

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Or say "Alexa, enable Creekview Directory"

A directory of all faculty and staff at Creekview High School.

This skill allows you to ask for information about any employee at Creekview High School. <br/><br/>On any Echo device, get started by asking, &quot;Alexa, ask Creekview Directory who is ...&quot;, and fill the blank with any name of a current staff member at Creekview. Alexa will give a summary of each person, and you can ask for their email, department, position, or contact information. If you ask for a person's contact information, a card will appear on your Alexa app to reference later. <br/><br/>Go ahead, ask away!

Invocation Name

creekview directory

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Creekview Directory who is Stephen McCarthy?
What is Janet Baggett's email?
Tell me more.

Release Date

August 2nd 2017