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Or say "Alexa, enable Create Your Own Jokes"

Make Alexa tell YOUR jokes

Teach Alexa some new jokes to crack up your friends and family. With Create Your Own Jokes, Alexa tells the jokes YOU write!<br/><br/>To get started, just enable the skill, giving it permission to access your Alexa lists (this is where your jokes live). Next, say &quot;Alexa, open MY jokes&quot; to get your My Jokes list set up.<br/><br/>With your My Jokes list all set up, it's time to get funny... To add, remove, or edit a joke, simply open your Alexa app, choose Lists from the app menu, and then select the My Jokes list. We've entered a few jokes here to kick things off -- feel free to change or even delete them. Most of all, we're hoping you'll add a lot of your own jokes.<br/><br/>Now, to hear one of your jokes, just say, &quot;Alexa, tell MY jokes&quot;<br/><br/>Be as silly or as clever as you like. Be pun-ny. Write a riddle. Or, maybe have Alexa recite a nonsensical poem. It's all up to you!<br/><br/><br/>Here are a few fun tips and tricks:<br/>* Emphasize Words - Try putting asterisks around a word to emphasize it. For example, try this as a punchline: French *flies*<br/>* Create-Your-Own-Jokes cloud - Want to tap into Create Your Own Jokes' world-wide list of jokes? Just enter the word Joke in your My Jokes list. When Alexa sees the word Joke all by itself, she knows to grab a random joke from the Create-My-Own-Jokes cloud. In fact, you could whittle your My Jokes list down to just this one &quot;joke&quot; and it would still provide plenty of humor.<br/>* Share your Comedic Genius - The jokes you enter are eligible to become part of the Create-Your-Own-Jokes cloud. Every so often, the intelligent staff at Create Your Own Jokes review all the jokes entered by the skill's users and, if deemed good and *suitable for the general public* (all decisions are final!), they are granted entrance into the world-wide list of jokes.<br/><br/>To learn all the tips and tricks, see what's new, or leave us feedback, please visit<br/><br/>Create Your Own Jokes, where YOU make the jokes!<br/>

Invocation Name

my jokes

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell MY jokes
Alexa, ask MY jokes for a guest joke

Release Date

December 4th 2017