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Crazy Phrases

Sean Malseed

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Or say "Alexa, enable Crazy Phrases"

Hilarious nonsense phrases that sound super funny when Alexa speaks them! Whim Whammo!

Your Alexa has advanced, state-of-the-art voice synthesis that is fun, lively and interactive. Using the Crazy Phrases app, you can truly get the best out of this high technology: hilarious nonsense phrases!<br/><br/>Using Crazy Phrases, you'll discover:<br/><br/>- The joy of Whim Whammo<br/>- The truth behind toaster envy<br/>- Aspirational cat-hood<br/>- La la la la<br/>... and so much more!<br/><br/>Try &quot;Talk Crazy to Me&quot; today. The app is free, but the LOLs are priceless.

Invocation Name

crazy phrases

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Crazy Phrases

Release Date

December 8th 2017