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Crazy math challenges your math. Try to answer as many as you can and beat the world record.

In this game, Alexa will ask you endless math questions. Try to answer as many as possible. <br/>You may hear addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and power etc. The difficulty will increase question by question.<br/><br/>Hint:<br/>If Alexa heard you wrong like when you say 77 but Alexa heard &ldquo;seventeen seven&rdquo;, you can just say &ldquo;seven seven&rdquo; to avoid this.<br/><br/>Show your best score to your friends. <br/>You can also play with your friends in variety of ways: <br/>1. With / without writing on papers.<br/>2. With / without looking at Alexa cards.<br/>3. With / without using calculators. <br/><br/>We keep the top 10 world scores of the game. Can you beat the world records? <br/><br/>If you like this game, please give us a five star rating. We will keep updating the skill to include more interesting math challenges with more operators and more types of questions.

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crazy math

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Alexa, open Crazy Math

Release Date

August 1st 2017