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CrackBeats is your #1 source for streaming the latest and sickest Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Rap beats from up-and-coming artists, beat makers, and producers.

CrackBeats is your #1 source for streaming the latest and sickest Hip-Hop, R&amp;B, and Rap beats from up-and-coming producers. CrackBeats is best described as a mobile alternative to other popular Hip-Hop instrumental sites such as SoundClick, SoundCloud, and MadeLoud.<br/><br/>&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;<br/><br/>DISCLAIMER:<br/>All beats herein have been released directly from the producers themselves, and are provided for PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. CrackBeats is not selling beats for a profit, and the Alexa skill itself is free.<br/><br/>&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;<br/><br/>ADDITIONAL INFO:<br/>Our network of producers release nothing but quality beats daily, directly from the studio. We've got something for everybody -- everything from the underground indie cypher jams -- to the top hot Billboard hits -- and all the fire from the streets in between! Our producers have made beats for many chart-topping artists, including: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Pitbull, Rihanna, T.I., Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, and tons more!<br/><br/>You'll always find something to vibe to, because we have beats from every genre of Hip Hop, including: Club Bangers, Crunk, Dirty South, East Coast, Freestyle, Mid West, Pop, RNB, Reggae, Rock, West Coast, and more!<br/><br/>With CrackBeats, every beat can be streamed for free, and you have the freedom to sing or rap over them all you want -- but if you really like a beat, and you want to use it on your mixtape or album, we encourage you to license it from the original producer. Our overall mission with this app is to support and give back to the Hip Hop community by increasing exposure to up-and-coming artists and producers.<br/><br/>&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;<br/><br/>SUPPORT:<br/>If you like this application, then please RATE and REVIEW your experience with it on the Alexa Skill Store. Your comments and ratings help us find and fix bugs, and assist our development team in understanding what features our users are most interested in. Thanks for your support!

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crack beats

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Alexa, ask CrackBeats to play a beat
Alexa, ask CrackBeats to drop a phat beat
Alexa, ask CrackBeats to lay down a hot beat

Release Date

July 26th 2017