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Cows and Bulls

Srivani Amrutavakkula

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Or say "Alexa, enable Cows and Bulls"

A fun logic puzzle game for friends and family! And a great way to practice reasoning or math skills.

This is a logic puzzle game. The goal is to guess a 3-digit number in the least number of attempts. Alexa generates a 3-digit number with unique digits to begin. The user attempts to guess a 3-digit number randomly and then Alexa provides clues in Cows and Bulls notation. For instance, if the original number is 123 and user guesses 325 - Alexa will tell the user that they have 1 bull (for digit 2 and it's accurate position) and 1 cow (for digit 3, without accurate position). <br/><br/>Please read this wiki page for a detailed description:<br/><br/>More detailed instructions below on using the skills:<br/><br/>Step 1: Start the game by prompting Alexa<br/>You: &quot;Alexa, open cows bulls&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;Welcome to Cows and Bulls number guessing game. Try to guess a three digit number in lowest number of attempts. Do you want to start?&quot;<br/><br/>Step 2: Say yes to start the game<br/>You: &quot;Yes&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;Great! Try saying a three digit number to start the game.&quot;<br/><br/>Step 3: Start guessing the number. say something on the lines of: 'could it be four nine five' (Note: these digits should be unique)<br/>You: &quot;one two three&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;You have 0 bulls and 0 cows. This is attempt number 1&quot;<br/>You: &quot;four five six&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;You have 1 bull and 0 cows. This is attempt number 2&quot;<br/>You: &quot;seven nine eight&quot; <br/>Alexa: &quot;You have 2 bulls and 0 cows. This is attempt number 12&quot;<br/>You: &quot;seven nine six&quot;<br/>Alexa: &quot;796 is correct! Congratulations! Would you like to play a new game? It'll be fun to beat your number of attempts!&quot;<br/><br/>You can continue till you answer correctly, or end the game by saying stop, or play another game to beat your number of attempts!

Invocation Name

cows bulls

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Cows Bulls
Could it be four nine five?
Is it five forty nine?

Release Date

June 6th 2017