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Country Trivia



Or say "Alexa, enable Country Trivia"

Trivia about capitals of countries.

This skill is a Trivia of questions about the capitals of countries. You can start by saying &quot;Alexa, open Country Trivia&quot;. If you are not sure, you can say &quot;I don't know&quot; or &quot;I am not sure&quot;. You can stop the Trivia anytime by saying &quot;stop&quot;. This will end the Trivia and you will get your score summary.<br/><br/>This skill also allows you to ask capital of a particular country. &quot;Alexa, ask Country Trivia, what is the capital of United States?&quot;

Invocation Name

country trivia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Country Trivia
let's play
Alexa, ask Country Trivia, what is the capital of Singapore?

Release Date

May 22nd 2017