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Country Trip


Or say "Alexa, enable Country Trip"

Travel from country to country by building a chain with their names.

Start a journey around the world. Alexa starts with a country. You then must name another country which begins with the letter as the previous one ends. For example: Denmark - Kenya - Australia<br/><br/>Test your knowledge and see how many stations your journey lasts. It's not allowed to repeat aforementioned countries. If you don't know a correct country, simply say you want to give up and Alexa tells you how many countries you've visited. Do you ever wanted to travel around the world and beat Alexa?<br/><br/>If something is missing, not working properly or if you want to give feedback, feel free to send it to the following address:

Invocation Name

country trip

Interaction Examples

Alexa open country trip

Release Date

March 8th 2017