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Country Abbreviations



Or say "Alexa, enable Country Abbreviations"

Learn two letter country abbreviations for corresponding country names with this fun flash card skill.

In this skill, Alexa will ask you a two-letter country code (based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard) that matches a specific country name. For example, Alexa will ask "What is US?" and you would reply "United States." Alexa will ask you eight two-letter country codes and tally the number of corresponding country names you get correct. There are 248 country codes Alexa will choose from. You can begin by enabling the skill and then saying, "Alexa, Open Country Abbreviations"

Invocation Name

country abbreviations

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Open Country Abbreviations
Alexa, Launch Country Abbreviations
Alexa, Open Country Abbreviations and start a new game

Release Date

November 16th 2016