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Counting Cards


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Or say "Alexa, enable Counting Cards"

Counting cards is easy, becoming good is hard. As Alexa reads cards it's your job to keep the count. Then when she stops tell her the count. Were you right?

A simple game for counting cards. Card counting is used to know when you have a statistical upper hand while playing blackjack. If there are more face cards the dealer has a higher chance of busting. That's good. To count cards start at zero. for cards 2 through 6 add one to the count, for cards 7 through 9 do nothing, and for cards 10 through Ace subtract one from the count. A high count is good.<br/><br/>To play say new game, instructions, or values.<br/>Once you begin a new game you will be prompted to select a difficulty. difficulty determines the speed at which Alexa reads cards and the number of cards she reads before asking for the count.<br/>Say select difficulty easy, medium, or hard.<br/><br/>As Alexa reads cards it's your job to add or subtract for example.<br/>Jack (-1), two (+1), three(+1), six(+1), nine(+0). Count = 2<br/><br/>When Alexa says &quot;What is the count?&quot; you'll reply &quot;the count is 2&quot;<br/><br/>It's that easy. Or is it?

Invocation Name

counting cards

Interaction Examples

Alexa start Counting Cards
Select difficulty medium
The count is 3

Release Date

May 26th 2017