Counterwatch (Unofficial Overwatch Hero Counters) - Alexa Skill

Counterwatch (Unofficial Overwatch Hero Counters)

Yuriy Isparyan

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Or say "Alexa, enable Counterwatch (Unofficial Overwatch Hero Counters)"

Get counterpicks for Overwatch Heros

Counterwatch is an Alexa skill that will quickly provide you with information on counters for all Heros in Overwatch. Find out counters during a match without alt-tabbing to check! This skill will be updated with the latest counters as the game evolves and the meta shifts. *DISCLAIMER* This skill is not affiliated with either Blizzard or Overwatch.

Invocation Name

counter watch

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Counterwatch for Winston's counters
Alexa, ask Counterwatch what are Winston's counters
Alexa, open Counterwatch

Release Date

December 27th 2016