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Control Eyelight



Or say "Alexa, enable Control Eyelight"


Connect Eyelight and add it to your amazon Echo device through Alexa, after several simple steps, you can use Alexa to control your light .You can say: &quot;Alexa, turn on the light&rdquo; then Alexa and light will perform the corresponding action.<br/><br/>If you know the name of lights, you also can say:<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn on Eyelight&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, turn off Eyelight&quot;,<br/>&quot;Alexa, set Eyelight to 50 percent&quot;.<br/><br/>&#8232;How to connect Eyelight?<br/>1. Please go to AppStore to download KingHomePro APP and complete the registration and login,<br/>2. Switch on Eyelight and enter configuration mode,<br/>3. Use KingHomePro APP to scans and configure WiFi network,<br/>4. Use Amazon APP discover Eyelight,<br/>5. Said to your Echo: &quot;Alexa,turn on Eyelight&rdquo;.

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Eyelight
Alexa, turn off Eyelight
Alexa, set Eyelight to 50 percent

Release Date

May 4th 2017