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Conserve Animalia



Or say "Alexa, enable Conserve Animalia"

Get relevant information about endangered species of the animal kingdom.

This skill informs you about the conservation status of different animal species. The conservation status tells you if the species is still doing all right in nature or if it is on the path of becoming critically endangered. Get informed about one of the most beautiful and precious parts of our planet, the animal kingdom! You can simply ask for the status of a species, for example: "What is the status of the lion?", or, "Is the red panda endangered?". If you can't think of a specific species, just ask for help and Alexa will give you a suggestion.

Invocation Name

conserve animalia

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Conserve Animalia
Alexa, start Conserve Animalia
Alexa, open Conserve Animalia and tell me the status of the tiger

Release Date

December 16th 2016