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Or say "Alexa, enable Connector Schedule"

What time is the next connector?

This app will tell you what time the next private charter bus will arrive at the usual Belltown pick up spot and what time you would be able get to work if you took the next bus. This private charter bus runs only one loop, hence why this Alexa app doesn't ask you for a pick up or drop off stop. There is only one pick up and two drop off stops for this private charter bus line (however, each bus in this line will drop off at one of the two drop off spots, never both, which is why you aren't asked to pick which you would prefer). This app responds with the next bus that will be picking up at the designated pick up location based on PST (since that is the only place this bus line runs and obviously you must be in PST and an active user of this private charter bus line to be using this app), so that you know if you would need to walk to the bus pick up immediately or if you can wait a few minutes and what time you would be getting to work. This private charter bus line has a morning loop and an evening loop, so the pick up and drop off locations will be reversed in the evening route when compared to the morning route.

Invocation Name

connector schedule

Interaction Examples

Alexa ask Connector Schedule what's the next connector I can take
Alexa ask Connector Schedule when's the earliest I could get to work
Alexa ask Connector Schedule when's the next connector coming

Release Date

January 2nd 2017