Connectiviot Smart Switch Skill Extended - Alexa Skill

Connectiviot Smart Switch Skill Extended

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Or say "Alexa, enable Connectiviot Smart Switch Skill Extended"

Connectiviot Smart Switch voice control messenger

This extended skill supports you to control Connectiviot Smart devices for Alexa.<br/>To enable your Connectiviot Smart devices for Alexa, please read the instructions as follow.<br/><br/>Connectiviot Smart Switch Application<br/>1. Download and install Connectiviot Smart Switch from Google Play Store.<br/>2. Sign up a new account.<br/>3. Setup a new Connectiviot Smart Switch device.<br/>4. Rename your Smart Switch device name. It&rsquo;s better to use unique names such as &ldquo;Bedroom Lamp&rdquo; or &quot;Kitchen Light.&quot;<br/>4. Go to Alexa application to enable the skill.<br/><br/>Alexa Application.<br/>1. Open Alexa Application.<br/>2. Go to skills.<br/>3. Search for Connectiviot Smart Switch Extended skill.<br/>4. Enable Connectiviot Smart Home skill and link your Connectiviot Smart Switch account.<br/>6. Try talk to Alexa to control your devices.<br/><br/>You can control your devices like this:<br/>Alexa, ask smart cat to turn on bedroom lamp<br/>Alexa, ask smart cat to check heater current<br/>Alexa, ask smart cat to check porch lamp schedule<br/><br/>For more information on setup and control your Connectiviot Smart Switch devices with Alexa, please visit

Invocation Name

smart cat

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask smart cat to turn on heater for three minutes
Alexa, ask smart cat to check bedroom porch lamp voltage
Alexa, ask smart cat to turn off heater

Release Date

June 29th 2017