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Connecticut For Amazon H.Q.


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Or say "Alexa, enable Connecticut For Amazon H.Q."

Raising awareness for the state of Connecticut as a viable option for Amazon's new headquarters.

Let's make Connecticut great! Situated between NYC and Boston Connecticut is a great place to set up shop. Currently the state is at a cross roads and should be ready to make a deal with Amazon. There are many more reasons. Ask this skill &quot;Why Connecticut should be home to the next Amazon headquarters?&quot; Say &quot;Next&quot; for more reasons. <br/><br/>Give this skill a 5 star review to show your support for Connecticut.<br/><br/>Created in collaboration with West Hartford Co-Working. &quot;Making waves in our community&quot;. <br/>Designed by Caleb Gates.

Invocation Name

the state of connecticut

Interaction Examples

Alexa, Ask the state of Connecticut why it should be home to Amazon's new headquarters.

Release Date

September 10th 2017