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Connect-Four Game

Ferenc Hechler

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Or say "Alexa, enable Connect-Four Game"

Play "Connect-Four" against your Echo Show. The game board is shown on the display.

Play the game &quot;Connect-Four&quot; against Alexa. Alternating each player throws a coloured disc into one of the seven slots. The player who connects four discs in a row (horizontally, verically or diagonal) has won.<br/><br/>this skill was optimized for the display of the Echo Show. The game board is shown on the Echo Show. <br/><br/>But you can play this skill also on devices without a display. Just open the website and establish a connection with your device.<br/><br/>The following commands can be used during the game:<br/><br/>* &quot;I throw into slot ...&quot; (1-7)<br/>* &quot;You may start&quot;<br/>* &quot;Start a new game&quot;<br/>* &quot;Change the playing skill level to ...&quot; (1-7)<br/>* &quot;Help&quot;<br/>* &quot;Stop&quot;<br/><br/>After you have made your move, Alexa is making her move and awaits your next move as an answer .<br/>The time, Alexa waits four your answer, is short (about 8 seconds).<br/><br/>But never mind, the game board is still shown on the display. If you want to make your move, you have to add the activation word (Alexa/Echo/Computer/Amazon), e.g. &quot;Alexa, Slot 4&quot; and the game continues.<br/><br/>If you wait even longer, also the game board is not shown any more. But as soon as you restart the skill with &quot;Alexa, start Connect-Four&quot; the game board is shown again at the point you left the game.<br/><br/>If a game is not continued after 4 hours it will be quitted automatically.<br/><br/>The sources (Java / NodeJS) are available at GitHub:<br/><br/><br/>Every kind of feedback is welcome, just send an email to<br/><br/>PS: I am not a native speaker, so please help me to correct misspelled words / wrong phrases / ... by sending me an email.

Invocation Name

connect four

Interaction Examples

Alexa, start connect four
I throw into slot 3
change playing skill level to 4

Release Date

December 6th 2017