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Congressional Records

Robert Doering

Or say "Alexa, enable Congressional Records"

Simple skills that teaches Alexa about congressman bios, committee memberships, voting histories, and other info useful for when the news gets confusing.

This is the perfect skill to teach Alexa how to help out when you're watching the news, reading the newspaper, or having a discussion, and get confused about the varied history of the nations 535 congressman. <br/><br/>Ask about who a legislator is to get their full name and most important biographical info, ask about your favorite legislator's committee memberships to see what they do day-to-day, or even compare two different legislator's voting histories to see if they agree with each other, all through voice. Alexa can make it so much easier to stay informed, an important duty in our democracy. <br/><br/>All data is pulled from unbiased, journalistic sources, namely ProPublica's amazing website and, so it works regardless of your political preferences.

Invocation Name

congressional records

Interaction Examples

Alexa, launch Congressional Records.
Alexa, ask Congressional Records who Paul Ryan is
Alexa, ask Congressional Records what committees Nancy Pelosi is in.

Release Date

September 26th 2017