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Congress Facts

Mihir Tiwari

Or say "Alexa, enable Congress Facts"

Congress Facts allows you to know who the Congressional representatives are in any state and district, provided they exist.

The purpose of the skill is to inform users of current Congressional officials in any given state, as well as how many representatives or senators a state has. The user is able to ask the skill, for example: "Who are the senators for California?", after which the skill will provide the answer. You can even ask: "How many representatives does New Mexico have?" and receive a response. The skill works through questions and answers and will ask questions itself if it needs more information. It fetches Congressional data through the ProPublica Congress API. There is nothing to set up; you can start asking right away!

Invocation Name

congress facts

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Congress Facts who are the senators for California?
Alexa, ask Congress Facts who is the representative for Montana district 1?
Alexa, ask Congress Facts how many representatives does Texas have?

Release Date

July 19th 2017