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Computer Science Quiz - Tests your High School, GCSE or iGCSE Computer Science knowledge.

Test your knowledge of terms used in High School Computer Science at GCSE or iGCSE level. <br /><br />You are given ten questions, you have to choose the correct answer to each one from the suggested answers. <br /><br />At the end of the quiz you will be given your score out of 10. <br /><br />Try giving yourself a daily test until you are regularly getting top marks.<br /><br />This skill is brought to you by David Batty of <br /><br />Please send any feedback on this application to<br /><br />Please share details of this application with anyone who is studying GCSE or iGCSE Computing or Computer Science.<br /><br />Please also try our other application, Computer Science Definitions, which reads out randomly chosen computer science definitions, as a revision aid.<br /><br />You can visit our website to find details of face to face and online courses and training for GCSE Computer Science, Games Programming with Gamemaker and much more.<br /><br />To find out more about the programmer, visit

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February 11th 2017