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Computer Music Control


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Or say "Alexa, enable Computer Music Control"

This skill allows you to control your computer's music playback by voice commands.

This skill will turn your Alexa devices into a voice remote for your computer's music apps. It works with most music player like iTunes, windows media player&hellip;<br /><br />You need to already have a music library on your computer, the program itself won't play music, it will only control the playback of other music apps.<br /><br />Your computer and Alexa doesn't need to be in the same room/ network and you can control your computer from anywhere in the world (*there might be delays). <br /><br />Instructions:<br /> 1. Enable this skill, and complete the account linking process in your Alexa app or<br /> 2. Download the companion app to your computer (currently for Windows only) from<br /> 3. In the companion app, log in using the same Amazon account. Please kindly ignore the &quot;Control Yamaha Receiver&quot; part, that's for future support with Yamaha Receiver.<br /> 4. Enjoy<br /><br />Here're some notes:<br /> 1. It's still in Beta stage, there'll be more functionalities added and updates might be frequent.<br /> 2. Currently, it supports play/pause, stop the music, play next song, previous song, adjusts computer volume.<br /> 3. The companion app AND the music app all need to be running (in the background) in order for the control to work, the companion app won't open your music player for you (you can do this through other software like AutoHotkey). <br /> 4. Adding functionalities is the priority right now so companion apps might not look very beautiful. <br /> 5. The database might go under some maintenance at night, therefore the companion app or Alexa might encounter some error. If that happens please don't be panic as it will usually go away within an hour.<br /> 6. The app uses &quot;Login with Amazon&quot; for account linking. The app will have read access to your name and email address. However, your name will only be stored in your computer and is not stored online / in the database. <br /> 7. Windows might prompt you that the companion app is from &quot;Unknown Publisher&quot; and warn you about it. This is the normal behavior because I didn't purchase a code signing certificate as they cost a lot.<br /> 8. The app controls the music player by sending Media keys. Depending on the music player you are using, some might not respond when they are not the active window (e.g. iTunes ). In this case, an AutoHotkey script will solve the issue. Also, if you're using Chrome with Play Music extension, there's a chance that it will intercept the Media Keys, which is a common reason for Media Keys to not responding, solution can be found here: <br />(You can identify the issue when you could see new messages coming but nothing happens in your computer's music app).

Invocation Name

computer controller

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask computer controller to play music.
Alexa, tell computer controller to pause the music.
Alexa, tell computer controller to turn up the music.

Release Date

February 19th 2017