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Computer History Facts



Or say "Alexa, enable Computer History Facts"

Computer History will tell you an interesting fact and point you to the corresponding page of the Computer History Museum's website.

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View California is a wonderful place to explore technology from from the 2000 year old calculator to today's self driving cars, and everything in between. Its magnificent website,, lets you explore whenever you want. The museum's main exhibition, Revolution ( is the source for this Alexa skill. In addition to voicing a fact each time it is invoked, it displays a Home Card, in the Alexa companion app, which contains a link to the associated page to learn more. You can also explore by a timeline ( instead of by topic. There are many other online exhibits you can explore at

Invocation Name

computer history

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask computer history for a fact
Alexa, start computer history
Alexa, tell computer history to give me another fact

Release Date

August 5th 2016