Compliment Me - Alexa Skill

Compliment Me

Keren Tseytlin

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Or say "Alexa, enable Compliment Me"

Receive a compliment even if you don't deserve one! Compliments galore!

This skill will enable Alexa to compliment you, whether or not you actually deserve one. It's like a bag Sour Patch Kids - sometimes the compliments are sweet and sometimes they're sour. *** WARNING *** As stated above some of the compliments can be sour, as in this is not a skill for children. Please do not use with your young children and then be upset that it is not child friendly. Okay for teenagers with a sense of humor or perhaps(maybe...) babies who have no concept of the English language yet.

Invocation Name

compliment me

Interaction Examples

Alexa, tell Compliment Me to compliment me.
Alexa, ask Compliment Me to compliment me please.
Alexa, ask Compliment Me for help.

Release Date

August 26th 2016