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Commute Info Service


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Or say "Alexa, enable Commute Info Service"

Ask Alexa for the duration of your commute in real time. Say: Alexa, ask Daily Commute.

The first time you invoke the skill, Alexa will ask you to register your commute routes on the registration portal and will send you a card with instructions. <br/><br/>Once your routes registered, you can ask Alexa for the live traffic duration to any destination linked with a name of a person in your household.<br/><br/>To change the information regarding your commute address(es), go to the portal and re-register by providing your new commute information.

Invocation Name

daily commute

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Daily Commute
Alexa, ask the Daily Commute for John Smith
Alexa, ask Daily Commute to give me the commute time for John Smith

Release Date

March 14th 2017