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Or say "Alexa, enable Comic Book Guide"

Comic Book Guide answers your questions about comic book characters, teams, locations, and objects!

Welcome to Comic Book Guide! An Alexa Skill that answers questions about your favorite comic book characters and their universes. Comic Book Guide answers questions about your favorite comic book characters, teams, locations, and objects! There are two ways you can activate Comic Book Guide. 1) Simply say "Alexa, start Comic Book Guide.” 2) Begin by asking a question, for example, you can say “Alexa, ask Comic Book Guide who is Batman?” While Comic Book Guide is running, you can ask it additional questions that are unrelated to the character previously asked about, like “What is Spider-Man’s birthday?”, or “Who are the Avengers?” If you don't name a subject in a question, Comic Book Guide will answer for the last subject you asked about. For example, if you ask "Who is Captain America?", then you only need to ask "What is his birthday?", to hear when Captain America was born. You can exit Comic Book Guide by saying exit, end, or close. Here is a small sample of questions you can ask Comic Book Guide: "Tell me about Metropolis." "What is the Infinity Gauntlet?" "What are some of Cyclops' other names?" "When was Rogue born?" "What was the first appearance of the X-Men?" "How many comic books has Superman appeared in?" "What powers does Aquaman have?" "Who publishes comic books with Lex Luthor?" "What is the birth name of Harley Quinn?" "What teams has Deadshot been a member of?" Comic Book Guide uses information from the Comic Vine API ( and the Marvel API (

Invocation Name

comic book guide

Interaction Examples

Alexa, ask Comic Book Guide who Batman is.
When was Captain America born?
Who are the Avengers?

Release Date

June 20th 2016