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ComfortClick bOS Smart Home


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Or say "Alexa, enable ComfortClick bOS Smart Home"

Control devices connected to ComfortClick bOS with Alexa.

ComfortClick bOS Smart Home skill enables you to control the devices, which are able to connect with bOS.<br/><br/>What is bOS?<br/>bOS stands for building Operating System. It enables you to control the devices in your smart home from a single app. For general information about bOS please visit:<br/><br/>bOS is currently supporting the following protocols:<br/>- KNX<br/>- Z-Wave<br/>- Modbus<br/>- HTTP based commands<br/><br/>Devices currently supported by bOS:<br/>- DSC Alarm<br/>- Cameras (ONVIF)<br/>- Sonos speakers<br/>- Kodi<br/>- IRTrans<br/>- Global Cach&eacute;<br/>- SMA (Solar Technology)<br/>- Hue lamps<br/><br/>You will need to have installed and configured bOS Server. Please see the following guide on how to setup bOS Server to work with Alexa: <br/>

Invocation Name

Interaction Examples

Alexa, turn on Kitchen Lights.
Alexa, set Speaker to 25 percent.
Alexa, set the Office Thermostat to 23 degrees.

Release Date

April 29th 2017