Columbia River Fish Counts - Alexa Skill

Columbia River Fish Counts

Jeremy Georges

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Or say "Alexa, enable Columbia River Fish Counts"

Daily Fish Counts over Columbia River Dams and Willamette Falls

This skill provides yesterday's fish counts over Columbia River Dams and Willamette falls in the Pacific Northwest.<br/><br/>To ask for the skill, ask Alexa:<br/>&quot;Alexa,launch fish counts&quot;<br/>&quot;get fish counts for &lt;location&gt;&quot;.<br/><br/>For example, to get yesterday's fish numbers over Bonneville Dam, just ask:<br/>&quot;Alexa,launch fish counts&quot; <br/>&quot;get counts for Bonneville Dam&quot;<br/><br/>You can also get a list of locations by asking:<br/>&quot;list locations&quot;

Invocation Name

fish counts

Interaction Examples

Alexa launch fish counts
get counts for Bonneville Dam
get counts for Willamette Falls

Release Date

October 26th 2017