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Or say "Alexa, enable Coloring Pages"

Want to color something? Just think of something you might want to color and ask Alexa to print it out on your home printer.

Ask Alexa to print something. It could be an animal, a cartoon character, a mandala, etc. Alexa will find a coloring page for you to color. You can try with "Alexa tell coloring pages to print a mandala" and a mandala will be printed for you, so you can relax coloring. The Coloring Pages skill works with your Google account to print through the Google Cloud Print service. You'll need to link your Google account and connect your classic or cloud printer to it. Please remember to reuse paper that has only been printed on a single side

Invocation Name

coloring pages

Interaction Examples

Alexa open coloring pages
Alexa tell coloring pages to print a mandala
Alexa ask coloring pages to get me a helicopter

Release Date

December 16th 2016