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Color Mate

Vincent Bilotta


Or say "Alexa, enable Color Mate"

Color Mate can help you figure out which colors go well together!

Color Mate helps you figure out which colors go well together. Whether you need help with your wardrobe, quilting, design, or anything else that needs colors that complement each other - Color Mate can help!<br/><br/>These are the current colors you can ask about:<br/><br/>Pink<br/>Red<br/>Orange<br/>Beige<br/>Yellow<br/>Green<br/>Light Blue<br/>Dark Blue<br/>Purple<br/>Brown<br/>Gray<br/>Black<br/>White<br/><br/>Icons made by Freepik from, is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Invocation Name

color mate

Interaction Examples

Alexa, open Color Mate and give me colors that go with purple.
Alexa, ask Color Mate to tell me some colors that go with dark blue.
Alexa, ask Color Mate what colors go with red.

Release Date

June 8th 2017